Saturday, September 27, 2014

"No coffee weekends"

I don't know if this "no coffee weekends" is a good thing for me because I feel a bit happier when I get my creamy brown coffee before I get out of the house and face people. I started this abstinence from coffee when I realized that I take a cup or two everyday, and as the self-conscious person that I am, made a challenge which a part of me does not like but the other (mature) part of me screams, "Control yourself!". So.. I am now drinking low-fat fortified milk (I love fortified milk!) to substitute my craving for coffee. 

Also, I have not eaten bacon for more than a year now. I used to love bacon, I mean, who doesn't right? (A lot of people, I know. Ha ha!) The same thing happened- I noticed that I eat bacon more than I should and I just stopped. I guess I'm that kind of person.. ? I want moderation. I want to know if I can control myself. Who else would take care of me (my body, my life, my choices) if not me? 

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